Sometimes in life you awaken to something that shakes you to your very core, it destroys the order you hold and introduces chaos in unrivalled amounts. What does a human being do when confronted with the fact; some of the people we are taught to trust the most in our society can easily end up being wolves in sheep’s clothing. Trust is the fundamental natural resource. It is unbelievably powerful and if you have a relationship predicated around this powerful idea with a loved one for example. You can take each other at your word, and you can act like you understand each other. But you don’t.

All of us have been betrayed in one way or another. When we trust someone, we make certain assumptions about the past, present and future. You are stable, or so you think. What happens when a married man of ten years comes to the realisation that his wife has been carrying out numerous affairs, three in total and the third is still ongoing? You go from steady ground beneath your feet to complete disorder. The place you have been now looks different to you; all of the certainty you have inhabited has collapsed. When someone betrays you, one is left completely perplexed at where they now stand in life and where they have been stood for that matter. Who was the person they have been sharing their life with? They thought they knew them, but they did not know them at all and they never did. They were someone else this entire time and therefore so were you because you thought you knew what was going on, but you didn’t.

If one person has been betrayed by another the damage is almost certainly irreconcilable. The world is complicated beyond comprehension, so we make assumptions about things to simplify the world around us. By installing trust into someone, you are sub consciously reducing the others complexity.

The certainty one held will almost undoubtedly collapse right back to the potential from which it emerged in the first place. It is a journey to the underworld in a mythological perspective. This story I am about to share with you is a free ticket to the underworld. One far darker and deeper than the outcomes surrounding betrayal. Although it too is embedded within this story, the underlying message will remain prominent throughout. Which is this; As orderly as your life may seem look out because it can be turned upside down in a single moment.

The stability of the world we have built around will sometimes crack and collapse. Because no matter how perfectly structured your world may seem to you, there is always going to be something you did not take into account.

This story contains severe and unparalleled evil. And it took place in the very city I am writing from, London. Specifically, Hampstead, a mere half hour tube journey for myself north across the river just a few minutes drive from Camden. In the middle of Hampstead there sits Christchurch Primary School. Situated next to a very grand church. This is where the evil has festered in the dark for many years. Until a few years ago, when two children brother and sister, who attended Christchurch Primary School shed light on the darkness that had been polluting their school for many years.

This is the story of a cover up. A cover up of a satanic cult situated within Christchurch primary school and the church next door, alleged to have been protected and kept hidden by the elite who control and run this very country. This story implicates the very institutions we are taught to trust most. The police, teachers, social workers, politicians. The list is endless and we need the truth.

In 2014 a video is posted featuring two children. We now know them to be Alisa and Gabriel who described horrific abuse they had been subjected to at their school.  Christ Church Primary School, in Hampstead. The video was of the two children on holiday with their mother and step father in Morocco. Satanic rituals and cannibalism are described amassing many views on the internet but with a short life expectancy. The videos shared online are constantly being taken down and re uploaded. It is evident there is a silent war taken place when it comes to any more light being shed on this matter. Ricky Dearman appeared on the BBC in a chilling interview with Victoria Derbyshire.

Alisa stated in a recorded interview with the police her father had killed thousands of young children . Ricky Dearman was an alleged leader of a satanic cult. Alisa also explains in the video how some murdered babies were provided by people with the UK social services. The interview carried out by the BBC should make you question the integrity of the journalism being carried out within this institution. No real research was done on this man prior to the interview clearly and if there was surely the BBC would take a harder look at Ricky Dearman. The man cries throughout the interview and sheds not one tear.

Ricky Dearman during his BBC news interview

Ricky Dearman during his BBC news interview

It was later ruled that the Mother and her partner had abused the children and fabricated the story – forcing her to flee the country. In a recent interview with SGT Report, Ella resurfaced to share the truth of her children’s story and the large-scale cover up of the satanic group in Hampstead.

I personally watched both the children’s police interviews along with the videos taken by their parents and family friends along the span of one week in January of this year. They went into endless minute detail of the abuse they endured by teachers, headmasters, social workers and other parents from the school. The police interviews go on for hours. I was left deflated and resentful. These children are no liars only a fool would propose such a claim after putting in the small amount of time one needs to in order to disavow it. Helplessness remains either way. This happened to take place the very same day Dr Hodes gave her new report confirming abuse to a detective.

On September 22nd 2014 police inform Ella the mother no crimes had been found to be verifiable or confirmd against Alissa and Gabriel which inevitably signalled the investigation into Ricky Dearman complete.

Dr. Deborah Hodes is a Consultant Community Paediatrician. She was part of the examination and assessment team that physically examined the children. The news in this country has told the public the children’s stories were coached to them by their mother’s partner. But, Dr Hodes states in her report she discovered the abuse was carried out by the step father and the father along with associates at the school. The kids could not have been fed the idea of abuse.

“Gabriel has one scar consistent with blunt force trauma. Alissa has several and has actually been physically damaged and has multiple injuries “consistent with the application of a blunt instrument.” They could not be clearer.” - Hoades states in her report. The following after they were examined by Dr Hoades the children were taken into police custody, and later retracted their statements. I have attempted to get in contact with Dr Hodes although I never received a call or email back but she is still working in the city. This is what she stated in the report;

“In both the general physical examination and the genital examination of G today. There are physical signs consistent with the allegations given by G and A. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to the application of a blunt penetrating force that he (G) has alleged.
In summary, G has physical signs consistent with his allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse. “ - Dr. Harriett Gunn (SHO) to Dr. Deborah Hodes.

“In my opinion A and G are suffering significant harm as evidenced by the following: Both children have physical signs of physical abuse that support their allegations. Both children have physical signs of sexual abuse that support their allegations. They have symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

It is now understood from a 2007 substantiated study of child sexual abuse that retraction occurs far more commonly (16% in this series) than previously thought. In my opinion, the extensive and detailed accounts given by both children that were repeated to different professionals contain details of sexual acts that such young children would need to have direct experience of.”

What people are being protected here? What power is at hand to get the police to act out a complete rethink and shutdown on this matter? Clearly there is a lot at stake here for a number of people.

After spending a few months researching deep into this case, I started to feel increasingly depressed and alone. It is a challenge I believe for any writer to dedicate so much time and energy into a story in search for truth independently without causing some disruption when communicating with those close to you . It was of upmost importance to me that I talk to someone about my writing in an effort to reconcile my thoughts and to refrain any chance I would lose myself within the story while neglecting the world around me.

My mother was the person who I explained everything to. She has always held an interest in everything I write. The Hampstead case grabbed her by the wrist and it hasn’t let go to this day. She researches the matter herself nearly every night and it has affected her in more ways than one.

My mother works long hours for the NHS ambulance service and has had no choice but to raise her concerns about the institution she herself works for and how it is involved in this story. She has spoken to numerous nurses and others. She explains on the phone one evening in February; “ I research Christchurch Primary School whenever I have free time at work.” She also goes onto explain the conversations she has with other nurses; “I asked them if they have ever heard about Christchurch Primary School or Satanic ritual abuse, I had to ask someone and talk to them about it because I couldn’t keep this inside myself any longer I needed someone to talk to about this, it was bothering me too much. My colleagues at work said they had not heard about the school and seemed hesitant to speak any further on the subject of satanic ritual abuse. “I have heard of these things once or twice before, yes.” To which she replied “We need to be careful about what we say” and she is not wrong.

My mother continues to message me every week from back home. It has truly shaken her to her very core and like me does not want to sit back and let this matter go unheard.


On the 28th March 2019 I visited the school and the church next to it. I wanted to take a visit to the location for myself and to take in the surroundings. A narrow walkway a metre and a half wide separates the two buildings with the school gate being positioned in parallel to the side door of the church.


Alissa actually explains in her first police testimony on 11th September 2014 that this is where they were taken through for the rituals. She is pictured here drawing how this happened.

I arrived at around 11am where the Church just so happened to be open to the public for their Easter Eucharist. The church is still fully functioning and went under a full restoration and refurbishment in 2015. Quite a coincidence it would seem that the church was closed and completely redesigned inside the same year it was revealed to be an alleged epicentre for Satanic rituals carried out by the staff at the school next door? Just a coincidence I am sure…

This rabbit hole goes very very deep. The public have hours of police interview footage where these young children go into full detail on the evil they have encountered. Yet we have nothing being done.

Who is being protected here and why? How far does this satanic cult spread? And why did the UK destroy the case and conduct a cover up the very same day Dr Rhodes submits her report to the Detectives? 


Dr. Hodes signs off on the September 22nd report. She plainly rejected the retractions.

Where are the kids now is the question and unfortunately hell is the answer. Here is Alissa and Gabriel back with their father at the 2017 Ebay Business awards. If you are religious pray. As orderly as your life may seem look out because it can be turned upside down in a single moment and I’m sure it has done just now.