Everything is offENSIVE NOW

a US college is suggesting staff should avoid saying ‘hip hip hooray’.


Colorado State University has advised employees against using terms such as ‘hip hip hooray, 'long time no see' and 'He or She' as part of its 'inclusive language guide'.

Colorado State University published an ‘Inclusive Language Guide’ for their staff earlier this year in order to improve inclusivity, respect and social justice on campus, consisting of forty nine words to avoid. The language guide was created by the ‘Inclusive Communications Task Force’ and has been receiving attention from mainstream news this past week.

This comes after an original draft of the language guide was leaked online discouraging staff from using words like "America" and "American" among others as they were deemed to be non-inclusive. Explaining how the Americas encompass a lot more than the US and the term erases other cultures. The inclusive language guide also supplies words that staff should ‘suggest for replacement’. In this particular case ‘US citizen’ or ‘person from the US’ is deemed more acceptable to use.

Colorado State University system chancellor Tony Frank has issued a statement explaining the document which included "America/American" was not distributed onto campus. An updated version written in January does not include "America/American" and was ultimately finalized and put into use.  Chancellor Frank goes on to explain ‘This list was never intended for use by students.  It is NOT official policy or required to be read or followed by anyone’. It turns out an informal group of CSU staff who work with the students created an internal guide on inclusive language because other staff members asked for it. Showcasing the ideology and political mindset the administrators at this University hold and its not pretty.

Other words deemed unacceptable by the ‘task force’ include the saying ‘long time no see’. Suggesting ‘I haven’t seen you in a long time’ as a better turn of phrase because ‘long time no see’ was originally used to mock Native Americans, how? Who knows. ‘Hip hip hooray’ is also a term no decent human being should be using anymore as "Hip-hip hooray" according to CSU, developed from the German "hep hep,". A harmless call shepherds would use when herding their sheep subsequently ruined by the Nazis as ‘German citizens started using it as a rallying cry when they would hunt down the Jewish citizens who were living in the ghettos.’ The task force suggests simply saying ‘Hooray’ from now on and to swiftly delete the ‘Hip Hip’ from your vocabulary to save yourself inadvertently becoming a Nazi sympathiser.

Other words to avoid are ‘He’ or ‘She’ as they are deemed un inclusive and disrespectful because they imply that ‘gender is binary and fails to acknowledge that a persons biological sex does not match the gender they subjectively identify with.’ They, them, theirs, Ze, hir and hir are suggested as more respectable terms. Male and Female are also no longer deemed acceptable as these terms refer to biological sex and not gender. Among the non-binary folk, CSU would prefer it if they got rid of the ‘preferred’ part because it suggests that their gender identity is a choice made by them and therefore the pronouns don’t really belong to them, they are just “preferring” them over their real pronouns. Meaning the entire premise of having a pronoun you prefer is wrong and instead your pronoun is your true pronoun? which if you are non-binary is the pronoun you make up because you prefer it? I have no idea.

Seemingly motivated by well-meaning liberal sentiments and as stated is not mandatorily enforced by the University. This language guides does beg the question as to whether universities and the teaching staff within them are doing more harm than good when it comes to setting up their students with the strongest mindset to succeed in later life.

When you start policing other people’s thoughts and language based on negative historical connotations to words like ‘Hip Hip Hooray’, a word only ever said when someone is happy about something, it is a very clear sign that we will never run out of things that will offend someone. If I was sat on the underground and someone cheered those words out loud, the last thing I would be thinking is ‘Great there’s a Nazi sat next to me.’ Who is being protected here, how many people really need these words to be replaced in order to feel happier and safer? Are there more and more students requiring protection to this extent by their own Universities or are the Universities forgetting their role in society?

If the Institution is no longer educating its students but instead indoctrinating them with a constant victimhood mentality. If you are told everything you say has a negative historical connotation behind it, where does that leave you when deciding on how to communicate with the other without constantly treading on egg shells? Students shouldn’t be supportive of such institutions they should be in protest of the patronisation and the insinuation that looking after is what they need most. Although, who knows when you will be hit with another ‘Hey long time no see’. The dread.

The solution to ‘bad speech’ is more speech, not restricted speech. We need to be confronted by all words and ideas especially those that offend you. The vulnerability in modern society has become a badge that way too many are proud to wear. The heads of the institutions who support this system are doing students a massive disservice. We need to be armed with the capacity to communicate our arguments confidently without fearing every word you utter. It should be the rule of thumb that the Universities play as little role as possible in students’ social lives and their primary focus should be teaching them how to be upstanding, strong citizens ready to succeed and prosper no matter what life throws at them.

 Written By Aaron Gonzalez

*Apologies for using the term ‘rule of thumb’ I forgot this saying derived from the time when English law allowed a man to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb. What I meant to say was ‘General Rule’.