‘Boris Johnson and his billionaire friends won't be affected by a No Deal Brexit’


Only two days after he called out Johnson’s ‘millionaire friends’ he was forced to come to the realisation that his own net worth reaches £4 million. Corbyn as a result had to aim his arrow higher to the billionaires. Who in fact may be some of the biggest losers when it comes to leaving the EU.

A recent survey carried out by Greenpeace has found some of the wealthiest Aristocrats, Royals, Sheikhs and business people who own vast amounts of land in the UK are some of the biggest recipients to farming subsidies under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

Some of the wealthy elite who are reaping hundreds of thousands in farming subsidies include The Duke of Buccleuch, Earl of Moray, Earl of Plymouth, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Khalid Abdullah al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, Duke of Westminster, Duke of Northumberland, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum and Sir James Dyson who campaigned for Brexit. He was the biggest private recipient of EU basic payments in the UK in 2016, receiving £1.6 million for his farming business Greenpeace says.

One in five of the top one hundred recipients of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy have made the Sunday Times Rich List of millionaires and billionaires including the Queen and Prince Charles who received £130,000 from the EU in 2016 for his Duchy of Cornwall estate while the Queen’s Sandringham Farms estate received £557,707 in 2016. They are receiving thousands from subsidies that are mostly paid for the amount of land they own.

Michael Gove, the secretary of state for food, the environment and rural affairs, criticized a European farm subsidy system that; “rewards size of landholding ahead of good environmental practice, and all too often puts resources in the hands of the already wealthy rather than into the common good of our shared natural environment.”

Would cutting subsidies put British farmers at a disadvantage? Boris Johnson has already pledged £25 million a year in subsidies for farmers in Scotland who have been ‘poorly treated’ according to the Prime Minister. Calling the Eu’s treatment of Scotland a 'historic injustice': “For years, British farmers have been given a poor deal by the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.” “It’s clear that Scottish farmers have been particularly poorly treated. It’s time that we stopped this. “Once we leave the EU on 31 October, we will have a historic opportunity to introduce new schemes to support Scottish farming – and we will make sure that Scotland gets a better deal,” he said

Jeremy Hunt is also aware of the damage a no deal Brexit may cause British Farm owners and has announced a £6 billion package for the farming industry to help smooth over any uncertainty a no deal Brexit may bring.

Is Jeremy Corbyn going to get his facts straight and realise the real travesty here isn’t the rich and whether they are benefiting from a no deal Brexit, but instead the question should be how much are the rich benefiting from staying in the EU at the expense of the taxpayer? Why are we paying taxes just for them to be given back to the wealthiest in the country through the EU’s subsidies purely on the basis of the amount of land one may own?