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Ben Garrison worked as a graphic artist at the San Angelo Standard-Times where his first editorial cartoon was published in 1980. He began making political cartoons after the financial crisis of 2007–2008, which prompted him to resume drawing after a 20-year hiatus. He is a self-described libertarian whose cartoons have been widely promoted online. His cartoons often depict politicians such as President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Theresa May to name but a few. In a 2015 interview with Breitbart News, Harrison said he did not support anyone in the 2016 election, but said he admires Trump for "shaking up the neocon-controlled Republican Party. He lives in Lakeside, Montana and studied at Angelo State University.

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What are the biggest problems we are perhaps naively subject to as people these days?

You say people are naive and for a while, so was I. I thought voting worked and I trusted our government. The more I looked into everything, the more corruption I found. Paying taxes and voting aren’t enough—the people need to get angry and vociferous. My cartoons were meant as alarm bells to wake them up. At the very least we can make our disgust heard and let them know that we’re on to their game. Without pushback, they grow emboldened to take away even more of our rights and liberties.

 Who is this ‘they?’ They’re known as the Deep State swamp. Some say ‘it’s just government.’ They’re wrong. The Deep State consists of people engaged in behind the scenes string pulling and abuse of power. They’re like a criminal gang and they aren’t elected. Does anyone know what goes on at the annual Bilderberg meetings? Of course not, but major policy decisions are being made there that affect us all. They used to deny it even existed. If you said it did, you were smeared as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’ Now it’s in our face and few seemed outraged by it. It’s the same with other unelected bodies such as the CFR, the Tavistock Institutes and other think tanks, George Soros, the Bohemian Grove, and especially the alphabet agencies, who routinely lie and abuse citizens while growing their power while hiding under the cloak of ‘national security.’ The more I look into these things, the more shocking it becomes. They got away with assassinating President Kennedy and now they think they can do as they please—and they have. The Deep State authoritarian bureaucrats have forced upon us false flags and lies to get us into war while stripping us of our liberty. They put fluoride in our water and GMOs in our food. They are geoengineering our atmosphere. Forced inoculations are here and they’re dumbing down kids at school while teaching them to obey Big Government at every turn. They want to break down national identities by flooding us with immigrants inimical to western civilization, thus weakening our national resolve to fight their globalist totalitarian system. They even tried to destroy a lawfully-elected president (Trump) with their lies. 

You started to get trolled in 2009 with your work being defaced and vandalized online within months of drawing your first anti-federal reserve cartoon – does this still happen today and how do you deal with it?

The trolling reached its peak in 2014 and pretty much destroyed my commercial art business. I was unknown and the trolls easily created a dopplegänger version of me as a violent Nazi who drew racist and anti-Semitic cartoons. All of my cartoons were altered. They were much better distributing them that I was with my originals. If you typed in my name on search engines back then, the first thing that came up was an Photoshopped image of me in a Nazi uniform. All the troll material came up ahed of my real work. I had many conversations with corporate CEOs and business associates. I had to explain the trolling to them because they were angry. The trolls got me kicked out of a local art gallery I was in by harassing the owner. I was angry all the time and my income dwindled. For a while I deeply regretted even drawing them and I even because an SJW of sorts and denounced ‘hate speech,’ which to me was defamation and libel—things that are not legal. But I lacked the money to take any of the trolls to court. I did have the help of an online investigator and he tracked down the biggest culprits. One of them was Joshua Goldberg, who is now in prison for sending bomb instructions to an FBI agent who was pretending to be a Muslim terrorist.

We turned it around by outshouting the trolls. Instead of giving up, my wife Tina made it her full time mission to get on social media and disseminate my real cartoons. I drew a lot of cartoons in support of Trump during his 2016 election run. We defeated the trolls through hard work. I no longer care if they change my work and now I can’t even imagine why I was so angry. It doesn’t bother me any more when I see vandalized cartoons—the trolls lost.

Your artwork was mentioned by QAnon in July of last year, what are your thoughts on QAnon?

 I don’t follow QAnon all that much—I rely on Tina to boil it all down for me. She’s the QAnon fanatic. She often wants me to work in the Q in my cartoons and I indulge her sometimes. Tina is also a cartoonist and I got her to draw her own editorial cartoons. One of them was retweeted by President Trump. He’s never retweeted one of mine, but I know from inside sources that he has seen my cartoons.

Trump’s biggest accomplishment has been avoiding new wars. I’d be furious if he got us into a war with Iran. Mostly, his biggest accomplishment has been raising awareness of the chronic and deep corruption ongoing in with our government. The Deep State swamp is no longer a conspiracy theory and many are waking up, thanks to our populist president. He still has plenty of work to do. The wall, for example.

How do you start a new cartoon? What usually inspires you?

 I buy cheap sketchbooks and fill them up with crude rough pencil sketches—I call them ‘chicken scratches.’ I do that to very quickly see if an idea has possibilities. I follow the news and figure out what is the biggest, most important story. I run them through my filter of convictions. I am anti-big government, anti-war (including the failed ‘war on drugs’) and anti-corruption. I want to preserve our liberties and our Constitution. On social issues, I’m anti-Cultural Marxism and virulent feminism. I’m anti-abortion and anti-special rights for anyone’s sexual peccadilloes. The ’trans’ thing they now push on us is ridiculous. There is no such thing—it’s physically impossible on a cellular level change sexes.

Where do you get your news and information from most the time?

 I frequent liberty-minded sites such as Zero Hedge and Ron Paul. The Drudge Report used to be good until he started leaning more toward the left. I’ll even watch CNN to hear what the Deep State is saying.

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We are based in London, what are your thoughts on the current state of the UK?

 What has gone on in Britain and especially London foreshadows what they want for America. That is, a globalist, dumbed-down populace content to be tracked, taxed, and forced into passive submissiveness. They want to take our guns away in America and we must not let that happened. In Britain, one can’t defend from attacks—even in their own homes—against criminal invaders. The lack of guns won’t make crime go away, either—look at all the knife attacks in London. Under the muslim Obama, we saw a giant influx of muslim immigration and they have already taken over some American cities, such as Dearborn Michigan. Sharia Law is fundamentally incompatible with western civilization, but now to even say that—as Tommy Robinson has—it’s considered ‘hate speech’ and jail terms ensue. They are using Islam and endless immigration as a tool of deconstructionism. They want to tear down nationalism and bring about their globalism. I was encouraged by Nigel Farage and Brexit. Many in Britain don’t want to be ruled by gray bureaucrats in Brussels. They don’t want taxation without representation. The people in America and Britain have to wake up and take back their countries from the globalist tyrants—by revolution if necessary.