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written by KaiN BarkLAM

Let’s get to the bottom of the National minimum wage once and for all, i mean, every day you hear someone moaning about it. When the National minimum wage was first introduced, in 1998, people we’re torn. It was a battle between employer and employee as the employer drew the short straw, the employee was on the winning side and that changed the game in drastic ways. Then recession made it’s violent strike and everybody lost. Things are looking brighter here in 2018 compared to 2008/9 as the National minimum wage has again increased, leaving middle class workers upto £0.33p an hour richer, that’s £22.05 a week increase (based on the fact you work 9-5, monday to friday and aged 25+.)

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The truth behind the National minimum wage:

When the Labour Government first introduced the Law, no official rate was set at the time. It was always lenient over the years until we hit 2016 and David Cameron went on a “All-out assault” and started wiping Britain of poverty, Conservatives claiming they was helping make a “Higher-wage-society.” Did it work? Most people think it did according to the Balance.

Although employee’s won the game, it doesn’t mean they’ve won the war. Three words, cost of living. Yes the wages are increasing but so is the cost of living, so are we better off after all? Cut a long and dramatic story short, retailers raised their prices to soften the blow of the constant wage increases, this being said, can you blame them? Imagine losing thousands of pounds, I guess it must feel something like that.

Big goals are in view as by 2020, Mr Hammond from the Conservatives will increase the minimum wage to £9 an hour leaving the majority of people “chuffed.” If Labour were elected, Corbyn promised a £10 minimum wage for anyone over the age of 18, demolishing the under 25 scheme. At-least we have Theresa May delivering us Brexit! Like I said, big goals are in view.

Wales have it the worst as they have the lowest wages of any UK nation, but the fate lies within the manifestos, supposedly gaurenting us wage increases up to %60, according to, weather that is true or not we don’t know but we sure will by april 1st, 2020. Guess we can call that signed sealed but not delivered?

In a nutshell, wages started out bad and over time it’s improved. All thanks to the Labour party introducing the law and now the Conservatives for enforcing, and embracing the compulsive command.

One thing to keep in mind, raising the minimum wage will most certainly increase the cost of living. Minimum wage workers are averagely aged at-least 20 and half are in their 30’s according to the nytimes.

Over in America.

The minimum wage in:

  • Texas - $7.25 (£5.36)

  • Florida - $8.25 (£6.10)

  • California - $11 (£8.13)

  • The cost of living in America is excessively higher than it is in the UK but after exchange rates,it’s more or less the same.


Written by Kain Barklam